Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Photos

Lots of the students rides bikes to school. Many of them double up :)

Vaccine Day atschool- All students that were 13 years old had to get a shot. They stopped class and the two nurses took over. All the students were running around, crying, begging, hoping not to have to get it. Of course, that way my cue to bring out the camera and try to get them to smile a bit.

Some of the bigger boys in class. Uniforms are worn in school, unless the student doesn't have enough money to buy it.

Kinda looks like they have 5 arms. HAHAHA

These little guys were crackin' me up.

This little man was a bit too young to get the shot. But the nurse still gave him a card to be stamped so he could save it for next year.

Local Grafitti in Ocotal- "Ortega= Poverty, Unemployment"

Some students getting ready for a folkloric presentation at the Monday morning assembly at school.

August Regional VAC meeting. This is a mix of volunteers from Nueva Segovia and Madriz. The guy on the bottom right is the son of the Director of Peace Corps (Worldwide)

Steve's such a drunkard. Drinking orange juice with a beer label

I made tajadas for my birthday!

You first have to use this little device to slice the plantains and then you rub them with some salt. Next step is to slip them into some oil, cook, and then blotting them on a paper towel. Not great for you, but GREAT to eat!!

In August I went to a finca (farm) party in Nueva Segovia. It was a beautiful site.

The ride up there was a little bumpy, to say the least.

And then it was just us and the cows... and a few chickens.

One Year in Country Celebration

Donna at Dinner in Tercer Ojo (such a swanky place!!) in Granada

Chicken Kabobs, salad and mashed potatoes

Steve's Vegetarian Pasta

Cheers to us!!

Steve got a little excited about the place warmers. Yeah, place warmers. Like I said, it was a swanky place.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Trip to the border

This is the Honduran side looking into Nicaragua.

Me with my loot! I got an early birthday treat :)

This was the chocolate wall... YUM!

Can we say "Johnny Walker Red"?

The Liquor Wall... I tried not to go too crazy, but I've been stuck with bad rum and beer for a year. Bailey's and Coconut Rum never tasted so good :)

Ocotal Rodeo and Tona Town, August 2010

Independence Day Parade/ Presentation- Sept 2010